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About Village Oaks

New Flash!
El Dorado Senior Care Village now provides a nursing support program for their residents at no additional charge. 
The nursing support program provides assessment, monitoring navigation, and patient advocacy services for the residents by a Registered Nurse and her staff. 

El Dorado Hills Senior Care Village creates a relationship that allows you to go home feeling secure that someone is always caring for your loved one. The campus has six beautiful, comfortable homes which have been designed and built specifically for the care of the elderly in need of assistance. The residential homes provide an environment that encompasses our mission of "home care with compassion".

After admission our residents routinely adjust well and enjoy their new relaxed lifestyle. We also encourage you to feel like you are a member of our family. the local community recognizes our facility to be an outstanding, caring, compassionate partner in elderly care. We have proudly offered service to the elderly with special needs and those requiring memory care for over 23 years and now are able to provide nursing support. 

Nurse with Patient
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